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Friday, April 20, 2012

The Bathroom - My Nemesis

Guest post by my son, Jack B. (age 18 months)

B is for the big, bad potty who takes my mama away from me for what feels like forever, but I’m told is not even a full minute…pfft!
A is for the awkward gate that separates me and my mama by at least my full body length…that’s FAR!
T is for the torturous time during which I’m certain she’ll be lost in that room just outside of arms reach forever…that’s my milk maker in there!
H is for the horrifying prospect that she will be sucked into the vortex and I’ll never see her again…did I mention my need for the milk maker??!
R is for the ridiculous idea that my mama should need to go potty without me by her side…who will help her roll the toilet paper all around the floor?
O is for the ornery feeling I get when she goes from playing with me to playing with fun things like toilet paper and tampons without me…the nerve!
O is for the obvious abandonment that has been thrust upon me…um, hello, I’m just a little person…and I need MILK!
M is for the maddening moment when my mama says, “I have to go potty. I’ll be right back”…’right back’…*rolls eyes*


  1. HaHa! That's great.

  2. personally, i think it is most natural for your child to be welcome in the bathroom with you. this is even part of how they learn how to go on the potty themselves. bodies are natural, as are our bodily functions. all of my kids (boys included) have seen me use the bathroom, tampons and all. they don't see it as any big deal - it's just a natural part of life. anyway, just a thought...

    1. Oh, he comes in the bathroom with us when we go to the other one, but this particular bathroom is really big, so it also contains the cat food and water and they need to have some place they can eat in peace without the lad trying to share their foodies, so it has a gate. I'm in complete agreement with you. We have no secrets in that regard (or any, really). :)