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Friday, April 20, 2012

Ode to My Shower

Warm, wet, cleansing, cathartic
You rain your powers of relaxation down upon my head
You wash away sidewalk chalk, homemade play dough, toast crumbs somehow stuck to the underside of my breast, and what I hope is dirt under my fingernails
That leaf that I didn’t know was in my hair – down the drain without a care
You have the power to do in five minutes what my husband’s inept (sorry, honey, but it’s true…I still think you’re pretty, though!) massage hands cannot in do in thirty
You’re a safe haven in which I can wash, scrub, and, every once in a blue moon, shave
You were once underappreciated, undervalued, unworshipped…no longer
Now, I see the dim and misty light – and I bask in it!
Methinks I appreciate you most because I have found truth in the saying that ‘absence makes the heart grow fonder’ – you are a rarity in my life, whereas before my foray into motherhood, you were merely a meaningless task, a means to an end
Most days I gaze upon you longingly, wistfully
Perhaps tomorrow, I shall join you more intimately
Don’t count on it…

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