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Monday, May 21, 2012

In Celebration of Pregnancy

May is both National Pregnancy Awareness Month and National Photo Month. That being the case, we figured why not combine the two to celebrate pregnancy with photos?

The following photos have all been used with permission from the Zen Parents on my Facebook page with my endless gratitude.

Chloe, pregnant with Toby 41 weeks and 3 days. She gave birth in that pool in her bedroom 9 days later.

Lesley, 7 months preggo with Journey.

Alanna, 6 months pregnant with Clara, 'Mama spider with her egg-sac.'

Bec, 6 months pregnant with her son Zion.

Melanie, 39 weeks pregnant with #5 baby, Adrianna.

Amber, 36 weeks pregnant with Selene Sophia.

Valerie, 37 weeks preggo with Andrew, posing with Eva (at 4.5) and holding Julia (at 2.5).

Julie, 5 months pregnant with her beautiful, very ZEN baby boy, Sergio Michael.

Zach and Amy, 41 weeks pregnant with Jack, who was born 24 hours later.

Holly Elise, 36 weeks pregnant (3 weeks away from giving birth) with her daughter Molly Kuhilani Elise.

Dazmine, 9 months pregnant with Peyton.

Emily and her belly having tea at 39 weeks, 5 days - just a day before the slow process of labour started. Scarlett was born a week later.

The Badass Breastfeeder, 7 months pregnant with Jack Charles.

Kimberley and baby girl Logan in her final month, as photographed by daughter, Ryleigh.

Chantay, 16 weeks pregnant with her first, Noah Alexander.

Jessica and Miles, who is pictured here on August 23rd, was due September 23rd, and was born October 6th.

Corey, 33 weeks pregnant with her son, Banyan Alexander.

Rebecca, 38 weeks pregnant with Elisha.

Pregnancy comes in all shapes and sizes. No two are alike. The one commonality in all of them, though, is that they are beautiful, as you've just seen.


  1. This is awesome! Thanks for letting us participate.

  2. Aww there's my Zion bump. What a lovely post with all these lovely baby bumps.

  3. Wow, beautiful pictures! Thanks a lot for sharing them.

  4. I just love all the shapes and sizes of pregnancy, such a great bunch of pictures! :-)

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