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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

No-More-Rut Dinner List

About a year ago, my husband and I found ourselves in a serious dinner rut. We had the same five dinners every week and were loathe to eat each night, but couldn't come up with any better ideas. Thanks to some inspiration from a family member, I came up with our now famous (in our home, anyway) "No-More-Rut Dinner List" and I thought I'd share for those who also find themselves in such a food funk.

So, here's how to read this:
Beside many meals, you'll see "puree" and/or "Pinterest," "Allrecipes," "FoodNetwork" or some other note for myself. I add a cup of whatever vegetable puree I have on hand to most of our meals, so that I am certain we get our veggies in (I am a horrible veggie-hater, so I have to sneak them in for myself). Most recipes I have in a book, but if I have them saved online somewhere, I have that noted for myself, too.

If you'd like a specific recipe, please email me at ZenParenting1@yahoo.com (and please be patient, because getting back to everyone may take time). Otherwise, take this for what it is - a template for something you might try yourself. We cycle through this every month or two and never have to feel our old vittles boredom. Happy feasting!

tacos - puree
burritos - puree
tostadas - puree
tamale pie - puree
tamales and chili – puree
bubble-up enchiladas (pinterest) - puree

pizza (white, pesto, regular, pesto and/or alfredo)
spaghetti - puree
lasagna - puree
pesto, alfredo, and/or parma rosa pasta
baked ziti - puree
almost lasagna - puree
calzone rolls - puree
five-cheese pasta - puree
gnocchi in fontina sauce - puree
four cheese baked ziti (allrecipes) – puree
lemon linguini
three-cheese pasta (pinterest) – puree
spaghetti bread (pinterest) - puree
baked cream cheese spaghetti (pinter.) – puree
pesto alfredo mac - puree

meatloaf - puree
beef stew rice/pot pie - puree
chili size - puree
gravy burgers
beef souvlaki
grilled meatloaf burgers - puree

BBQ chicken breasts
chicken quesadillas (DD)
baked chicken and rice - puree
honey mustard chicken w/ bacon
tortilla tubes (DD)
chicken puffs (allrecipes) - puree
three-cheese chicken alfredo (pinterest) – puree
chicken enchiladas (pinterest) – puree
Buffalo chick. mac & bleu cheese (pint.) - puree

baked sweet potatoes
cornbread in milk
sweet potato pancakes (DD)
mac & cheese 1 (DD)
“buttered” noodles (DD)
quinoa patties
sweet potato burgers (pinterest)
cheesy quinoa bites (pinterest)

baked hoagies
chicken bacon ranch panini
grilled cheese (DD) with tomato soup
Buffalo chicken grilled cheese (pinterest)

cream cheese chicken and noodles - puree
hot pepper pork sandwiches - puree
pork tenderloin with ginger-plum sauce
pumpkin soup
easy cheesy chicken (allrecipes) - puree
Pushpa’s chili – puree
chicken with basil cream sauce – puree
Greek chicken – puree
chicken cacciatore – puree
baby beef stew classico – puree
BBQ braised brisket
espresso-braised pot roast
brown sugar/balsamic pork loin (pinterest)
baked potato soup (pinterest) – puree
chicken and dumplings (pinterest) – puree
sweet and tangy meatballs (pinterest)
Café Rio chicken (pinterest)
pork chops and potatoes (pinterest)
chicken and rice (pinterest) – puree
Hawaiian chicken (pinterest) - puree

nachos (HG) - puree
chili mac – puree
cheddar-apple sausage mac – puree
Buffalo mac - puree

Swedish meatballs and rice - puree
baked mac and cheese(foodnetwork) – puree
enchiladas – puree
sweet potato empanadas (food network)


  1. Awesome list! Thanks!!!!

  2. Could you give me a list of some of the veggies you like to puree and put in your food? Thanks!

    1. Really, the sky is the limit. Some of our favorites are squash (any kind), carrots, and eggplant, but if it's puree-able, we've done it. Doesn't really matter what you do, because you can't taste any of the veggies anyway. Have at it and enjoy feeding your family healthier! :)