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Monday, August 27, 2012

The Case for Routine Infant Tonsillectomy

As an adult, I had to get a tonsillectomy. I was getting an average of one sinus infection a month after contracting pertussis in Europe which wiped out my immune system and completely messed me up. For those not privy to this particular operation as an adult, let me just tell you it is excruciating. The recovery time is two full weeks and the pain is unforgettable. Furthermore, the risks are far higher for those having the operation as an adult rather than in childhood.

It is for these reasons that I am calling upon the American Academy of Pediatrics to fall on the side of recommending routine tonsil removal on all infants soon after birth. You see, babies heal from the surgery much more quickly than adults. Their recovery time is a scant few days as opposed to weeks. And they don't remember a thing. The tonsils are just extra flaps of skin that do more harm than good as they cannot be kept clean and regularly trap infectious bacteria which often causes grave and frequent illness.

So, to review, I believe the AAP should recommend RIT, which naysayers and those who are not properly educated on the topic misleadingly refer to as TM (tonsil mutilation), for the following reasons:
- prevention of grave illness such as throat cancer,
- prevention of sinus infection,
- prevention of HIV (as the tonsils, as stated above, can trap viruses and such in their unkempt folds).

RIT - it just makes good, clean sense.

P.S. Please, in the name of all that is holy, do not comment about the atrocity of what I have written here. It's called satire. Check it out before coloring yourself appalled.


  1. This works on so many levels. I was just reading yesterday about how the Polio outbreaks in the US happened right after the mass trend in tonsillectomy...and that the tonsils have a HUGE part to play in our immune function. Not having them in fact, changes the way your system has to function...not unlike another suggested routine procedure...

    1. You mean we SHOULDN'T routinely remove normal, functioning, vital parts of a person's body without their consent just in case something happens 80 years down the line?? No. I can't believe it.

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