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Thursday, August 16, 2012

The Naked Truth

I've said it before and I'll likely say it many, many times in the future as the page continues to grow:

I have the ultimate respect for those who have circumcised their babes before they knew said truth and now work to ensure other parents don't make the same mistake. And I have ultimate respect for those who have not circumcised their babes, because they learned the truth early and now work to ensure other parents don't make a terrible mistake. I have ultimate respect for those who have no sons, but see the injustice of this practice, so work to ensure parents don't make a horrible mistake. I have no respect for those who CHOOSE not to learn the truth, because it might make them uncomfortable or, heaven forbid, have to *gasp* change. I will not apologize for reporting the truth. I will not apologize for fighting against the atrocity.

I cannot, will not sugar coat or dampen the truth about circumcision (or anything else, for that matter) in order to assuage the guilt that some may feel. I refuse to remain neutral so that others may feel better about their decisions.

I embrace all those who are open here. I embrace all those who are willing to learn and teach. I embrace all those who are imperfect, fallible, evolving Zen Parents. But it should not be expected that I will embrace that which offends my very soul. Circumcision, the act, offends my very soul. Those who put their children through it before knowing better do not offend me in any way. Those who know the truth or choose not to know the truth offend me. If this is off-putting to some, so be it. I am in this for the babes, not for the numbers. I am in this to change that which I believe needs changing.


  1. Yes. Yes, yes yes.

  2. I fully agree. I was not very well educated with my first son and knew a lot better with my second. My family and some friends always have nasty comments and all I can tell them is that you are not the one who walked into the NICU a few seconds after your son was mutilated and there was nothing you could do to take it back.
    I wasn't able to get pregnant for a long time and had resolved to the fact that I wasn't going to be a "real woman" ( I know better now and I am over that ) This pregnancy was very rough on me physically and for weeks all I could do is look at him and cry even sob. These were tears of joy and realization that I had truly been blessed with a miracle and I had him mutilated.

    When I found out I was pregnant and the 2nd child was another boy I read and talked to friends who know and care. I was worried about having one intact and one circumcised child. A close intactvist friend of mine helped me see the light and reminded me that you are educated now and you know the truth.

    I have been spreading the truth and I don't give a rats behind what my family thinks. If they could have heard my Big Bear scream they would understand. IF they don't I really don't care.

  3. I was very fortunate with my GP - he asked me if I was considering circumcision shortly after my son was born. I confessed that I knew nothing about it at all but really struggled with the entire concept. I had a hard time taking my daughter to get a needle, how would I even handle having a portion of my son's penis cut off!!??

    My doctor gave my husband and I the whole history on circumcision, and also emphasized that it was completely unnecessary for boys. He indicated (somewhat derisively) that the only reason it is still done is so that the son's penis looked the same as the father's... That was not a good enough reason for me!

    WHEW - a total relief for me. I couldn't voluntarily hand my son over to be mutilated anymore than I would my daughter. People are repelled by the thought of a girl being circumcised, yet allow their sons to be mutilated... I don't understand.

    When people found out that we decided against circumcision, many family members were driven to tell us what bad parents we were by not doing it. I simply shrugged my shoulders, and gave them the history behind it all. Those who were still adamantly for it were directly asked when they were taking their daughters in...

    Some will never understand, but any new mother of a boy I encounter gets the explanation the same way I did - whether they want it or not!

    thanks for your blog about it - we need people to understand THAT IT IS NOT NECESSARY and really is a vile practice!