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Thursday, September 13, 2012

A Very Un-Zen Middle Finger to You, Facebook and "Friends" Who Report Us

Far too many of us have had pictures reported by our "friends" and removed by the Facebook gods in their illustrious wisdom. (And by "far too many" I mean one or more, because even a single removal is asinine, hypocritical, and discriminatory.)

That being the case, I've compiled a collection of lovely moments of nurturing and comfort that cannot be removed by anyone. So there! Neener-neener, naysayers!

With that, I present to you these amazing photos of mothers and babes that have been reported and removed. You can take the pictures down, but you cannot remove the memories that are forever etched in our hearts!

Anires says: "I cant believe there are really people that are offended by this. I do not feel exposed at all here, and I've never seen a picture of a child nursing that offended me in any way."

This deliciousness was actually removed from my Facebook page. I felt so bad for the mama who just wanted to share this beautiful moment with us.

What in the world could have been the problem with this?

You have got to be kidding me, Ashley! They deleted this? Wow.

Oh, well, of course they deleted this one. Eating...that's so offensive! I mean, it's practically pornographic! (If you can't hear the thick sarcasm, you're probably in the wrong spot...)

One of my first to be deleted from the page. Still one of my favorites.

Thank you to all the Zen Mamas who shared these lovely moments with us and to all who support them and the rest of us who breastfeed anytime, anywhere!


  1. I really miss that time with my children. They are all beautiful pics, thanks for sharing.

  2. Maybe people don't want to see your intimates moments / body parts... boobs stay boobs, even if they are used to feed a baby.

    1. I have tried to private message the website owner but the contact page link does not seem to work. Im unsure if this is a problem that just I am experiencing?? So I am leaving this comment instead...
      I totally agree with this comment from "Anonymous". I was searching Google Images for a specific image, which was completely unrelated to the subject matter of this website. So I was quite shocked and taken aback when the image im commenting about, which I deem to be offensive (the image second from top on this page) showed up on my search results! I must say that I am no prude and I'm a mother of two myself, and Im very proud to be one of the few women to breastfeed. I breastfed them both for as long as my body and circumstances allowed me to. After my second baby was found to have been born with slight internal abnormalities of the mouth, throat and the muscles needed for succling, all of which resulted in unsuccessful breastfeeding. I even persisted with using an uncomfortable breast pump. So I could use breast milk to bottle feed, which was also found to be unsuccessful after endless appointments with specialists... The abnormalities prevented enough milk been succled efectively from both breast and bottle and was losing weight fast. Not been able to continue breastfeeding was heartbreaking but for my baby's best interests, a prescription only formula milk had to be given. The milk had around 50% more caloric and nutritional content compared to breast milk or the usual formula from the supermarket. So the small amount of stronger milk which my baby managed to take in each feed was more equal in calories and nutrients to the larger amount of normal milk/formula that babies without difficulties could take in each feed. Feeding was very difficult for my baby and took a long time and lots of effort for the small amount of milk which taken, so breastfeeding was exhausting for us both and from my point of view very upsetting that I could not give my little one my milk.
      I have very strong views on the importance of all mothers breastfeeding or expressing for as long as possible if possible. So please do not make negative assumptions about me, my experience or knowledge when I say that the image which I have already mentioned (second from top on this page) is appalling! it is not a "natural" or "motherly" pose! Its completely shocking and embarrassing! The photo looks as if its intended for a completely different audience and NOT to celebrate the wonders of motherhood! Even after reading your opening statement at the top of the page, I strongly suggest this image to be removed from your website. I await your reply.

    2. My reply: I suggest you keep such suggestions to yourself. Have a lovely evening.

  3. Dear Anonymous.. the image that so offended and appalled you? Well that's how my son insisted to feed sometimes-sometimes he finds this position more comfortable and he'd fuss and protest if I try to put him in a more "conventional" breastfeeding position..
    And all that preamble-the whole wordy essay about you being a breastfeeding mom, I got lost somewhere after the breastpump bit.. so you're trying to justify your "disgust" with the fact that you're a breastfeeding mom and that qualified you to police other mothers on how they breastfeed? and how a child choose to feed..?WOW.. just...WOW..
    Oh, and FYI, I'm from Malaysia, a supposedly "backward" country.. but your comments are..just.. wow.
    btw... WHY oh WHY should being a breastfeeding mom make you feel proud? unless of course, there's a judgment that mothers who don't breastfeed are inferior to you..? Here...take your BEST MOM EVER and MOST DECENT BREASFEEDING MOTHER award and take your judgments someplace else where you'd be welcomed

  4. You need to get a grip. Breastfeeding is beautiful, yes. Breastfeeding beyond about 9 months is asking to permanently damage your child. Showing your breasts to the world... I won't complain, as I have no problem with a mother breastfeeding, but YOU DUMB TWATS accepted a user agreement through facebook, and then violated that agreement. Part of being on an open, social network is accepting that sometimes your photos will offend someone and will, therefore, be removed. Don't post them on facebook. Simple as that. Create a private blog and pester the world with your bullshit on YOUR site; not on someone else's.

    1. Well, you certainly put us in our places. I, for one, plan to take your solid advice, given that I am a dumb twat, and run with it. Thank you so much. What would I ever do without such words of wisdom? (Psst...this *is* my blog and my site...)