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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

A Fourth 30 Day Block, You Say? Yawn...

Out of the only fourteen months that Zen Parenting has been up and running, I have been blocked for about five of those months (four of those months being full 30 day blocks, the other month being the shorter bans that lead up to the larger sentence). For you mathematicians out there, that's more than a third of my time on the page spent blocked. And it really used to piss me off. At this point, though, I am having trouble even getting motivated to "humph!" about it. I'm just bored with it all now.

Truly, the only reason I'm blogging about it this time is because:
1) many hadn't the opportunity to see the "offensive" post and it's really quite lovely, and
2) to hopefully light a fire under those of you who have yet to see the hypocrisy on our chosen social media site.

Here, we have the offending image:

The resulting punishment...again:

Facebook's policy, vague though it may be, which seems to say that art is not a violation of their standards:

Now, here we have another image (beware, it is quite disturbing):

And the response many, many people who reported it received (courtesy Live With Purpose):

(Note: the image has now been removed, but only after hundreds of reports.)

Take a look at that policy again. You tell me, which one seems to violate it?

So, does Facebook have a problem with women? Uh, that seems to be the understatement of the decade.


  1. I don't understand....

  2. Wow. Ridiculous that Facebook would even consider that wrong while a pic that is clearly supporting spousal abuse would be allowed to remain for so long. WTH is wrong with Facebook?

  3. Omg is all I could say. I loved your photo!!!!!

  4. are you effing serious? Wow, Facebook, wow