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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Through the Eyes of Society and My Son

How society sees my body:

- saggy breasts
- unmade face
- oversized middle
- saddle bags
- wide hips
- flat butt
- frizzy hair that is sprouting grays
- frumpy dress
- flabby arms
- hairy legs

How my son sees my body:

- comforting boobs that give "really tasty bed" whenever he needs or wants, great place to rest ("bed" is his word for breastmilk)
- beautiful, "regular" face - he hates when I wear make up (which I don't anymore - see the reasons why here)
- huggable, soft belly
- squishy legs are the perfect place for resting his legs while we're breastfeeding while laying down
- excellent hips for horsey rides through the house
- good buns for patting when he's in need of attention or pushing when he wishes me to leave the room
- excellent hair for playing with, styling (often), running hands through, and holding onto while riding on my shoulders
- great clothes for playing, painting, working, wiping his snots, wiping his hands (and, for the record, he picks them out for me about half of the time, so I'm pretty sure he approves)
- strong arms for keeping him held close and protecting him from all that is scary or dangerous
- he knows no different than my hairy legs, but he knows that I feel perfectly happy and comfortable with the way I am naturally, which gives him the freedom to feel the same about himself

Guess which view I care about. Guess which view makes me feel beautiful.


  1. Thank you, lovely post. I am so grateful for the views of my kids about my belly. It's wrinkly all over from having three kids and being stretched (to infinity and beyond!) When one of my sons was a toddler, after he'd weaned his closeness to me was through "belly time" when he would snuggle with me while touching my belly. Or come to think of it - sometimes he would just stand by me and reach up and touch my belly. One time, with loving adoration he told me, "Mama, I love your belly. It's so soft an nice." It feels that soft from all the stretch marks. My youngest child, the other day, came up to me crying because she's smashed her finger.
    She was told me, "I need a tich."
    "You need a kiss?"
    "No, I need tich my finger to your belly."
    And she did. And she touched my belly with the ouchie finger and stopped crying, because that soft wrinkly belly has magical healing properties :)

  2. There's nothing more beautiful than a loving mother.