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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Circumcision Resources - Bookmark This for Future Reference

I am regularly asked for articles on circumcision and it finally occurred to me to put them all together in one place so that you all can bookmark just this one blog post and have all sorts of information at your fingertips. (I'm a little slow on the uptake sometimes...)

The Elephant in the Hospital (video)

Myths About Circumcision You Likely Believe - 6 Part Series from Psychology Today

Are Physicians Performing Neonatal Circumcisions Well Trained?

International physicians protest against American Academy of Pediatrics’ policy on infant male circumcision

FGM and Male Circumcision - Time to Confront the Double Standard

Circumcision Due Diligence

The Case for Routine Infant Tonsillectomy

This is Your Brain. This is Your Brain on Circumcision. Any Questions?

It's Better That I Was Raped While Drugged, So I Don't Remember It

Oh Where, Oh Where Has the Critical Thinking Gone?

Why I Am Against Circumcision - One Nurse's Tale

Tail Docking, Ear Cropping, and Circumcision - A Comparison

Welcome to the World, Baby Boy!

Review of Foreskin Anatomy, Function, Development and Care

Dollars & Sense: the Business of Circumcision

The Lost List: What is Lost Due to Circumcision?

Penn & Teller: Circumcision is Bullshit

Paradigm Shift: My Journey from Pro-Circumcision to Intactivism

New Study Estimates Neonatal Circumcision Death Rate Higher Than Suffocation and Auto Accidents

circumcision video

Separated at Birth: Did Circumcision Ruin Your Sex Life?

Appeal to Fathers

FAQ About Circumcision

A Brief History of the Foreskin and Circumcision

Plastibell circumcision video

"I'm Circumcised and I'm Fine"

Circumcision Quick Start Guide
Ten Reasons I said NO! to Circumcision (and you should also)

One Baby's Experience

Doctors Opposing Circumcision: Circumcision Quiz

50 Reasons to Leave it Alone


  1. I have four sons who are all under the age of 8. My husband and I decided to circumcise them all at birth. This decision came from the many doctors in our family who talked about the problems with uncircumsized patients. An uncle had a circumcision as an adult.
    So, now that we have read more, we have changed our minds about circumcision. My question is: Now what? More specifically, how do we, as parents, get over what was done to our boys?

    1. I'm so sorry for the delay. I just got your comment. As I have never been in your position, I don't know for certain what to do, but I imagine what I'd do is:
      1) Apologize sincerely.
      2) Offer foreskin restoration when they are of age.
      3) Educate others so they don't make the same mistake and feel the same regret.
      4) Head over to Parents Overcoming Deception (POD) on Facebook.

    2. If you can talk parents out of circumcising 8 babies, you can consider that you have "undone" what you did.

      Re ZP's No 2: foreskin restoration is not exactly something you can "offer". Surgical restoration is generally considered unsatisfactory and risky (and costly). Most restoring men are doing it themselves using DIY methods that are quite cheap or even free. They require dedication, patience, time and support. Support is what you can offer them most.

  2. Amy, can I suggest some additions?



    I'll send more as I find them- but I wanted to let you know that I use your resources list so much that it's constantly pulled up in a tab on my cell phone web browser. =D

    1. I'll definitely check those out and add 'em in. Thanks, Telly! <3