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Saturday, May 18, 2013

Random Acts of Kindness - Summer Version

Zen Husband will likely be teaching summer school, so our usual travel plans are out and Zen Son and I are on our own. The Arizona desert's summer heat is much like I imagine can be found near the earth's core, so the seasoned Arizonan will spend much of the season hibernating. (Unseasoned newcomers will spend the season blistering and learning painful lessons.) It leaves me thinking, "What to do? What to do?"

Ah ha! Let's have fun taking care of others, which, in turn, takes care of our souls, too. Two-fer!

Thus, I present to you the summer version of our list of Random Acts of Kindness:

- donate books to the library
- donate clothes and toys to charity
- send a care package to Zen Son's godfather (my cousin, his Ninong) who is on a mission in Central America
- volunteer at the animal shelter
- pass out Blessing Bags to the homeless at the library (the city's library always has a massive amount of homeless folk both in and around at all times)
- send "just because" drawings and paintings to family living far away
- pay for the person behind us in line at the children's museum
- fill parking meters for people
- bring ice pops to the kids in Zen Dads class
- send "thank you" drawing or paintings to local police and fire
- Adopt a Soldier
- and so much more!

You are only limited by your heart and imagination. Start small. Open a door for someone, let someone ahead of you in line, smile when walking by someone.

Note: I do not make Zen Son do anything of this nature. He does what he likes to do, because he likes to do it and has an amazing capacity for empathy even at just 2 1/2 years old. I enjoy it, I'm excited about it, he feeds off me. It's incredible what examples we can be - both positive and negative - so be kind to others and you'll see kindness emanate both from them and your babes.

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