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Thursday, May 23, 2013

"There Are Bigger Things to Worry About Than..."

Almost daily (heck, on almost every post), I get "there are bigger things to worry about than this" as a comment. This phrase makes my head just about explode.

a) Don't prioritize for me or assert my priorities should be the same as yours.
b) There's always something bigger and badder. Does that mean we should only worry about the one thing that is the absolute worst thing ever in the history, present, and future of both the known and unknown universe (because there can only be one very worst, most terrible, horrible, no good, very bad thing in the world and I am at a loss as to what that one thing is, but I know "worst" is absolute and final, thus there can only be the one)?

So, I'm still going to concern myself with routine infant circumcision, though parents committing infanticide is arguably worse. I'm still going to concern myself with the heinous practices of formula companies, even though Kony is likely Beezlebub himself, thus arguably worse. I'm still going to concern myself with everything I consider to be a priority, because they are my priorities and because if we all only concerned ourselves with the one very worst thing ever, we would be living in an even sadder state than is current.

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