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Friday, July 26, 2013

Fertility Privilege

When Maria first approached me about this guest post, my reaction was one of intrigue and excitement. It swiftly turned to one of bafflement and slight terror. I mean, I’m infertile. I know my experience with infertility, but that doesn’t mean I know everyone’s or how they all feel about it when faced with the insensitivity and honest ignorance of others. I felt pressure (as I always do when guesting for someone I respect) to get it just right – perfect. Then I remembered I’m not perfect and I don’t need to speak for everyone who is in the infertility boat with me – just me. So that’s what I’m doing – I’m speaking for me and speaking of the fertility privilege that I’ve observed and, as a result, resented, whether that’s fair or unfair.

(Photo: IVF meds package #1 of countless...)

Here’s some of what I’ve heard and continue to hear from those who are lacking in understanding (and tact, to be quite frank):

(To continue to read, click here to see my full guest post at Barrel of Oranges.)

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