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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Photo Scavenger Hunt

The Zen Parenting Photo Scavenger Hunt has now begun!

Your mission, should you choose to accept:
photograph each of these things listed below.

1. They have to be of someone other than you, your babe, or your significant other.
2. They can't be staged. (You have to come upon them naturally.)
3. As always, "babe" is an ageless term.
4. As you get them, send them in and we'll add the to the dedicated photo album on the page.
5. Submissions are due no later than September 1, 2013. PM the FB page or email ZenParenting1@yahoo.com. Post to the wall at your own risk, since those don't always come through.
6. Each photo submission must have a caption stating what it is from the list.

If you're going to be showing faces or any other identifying characteristics, please obtain permission before photographing and sharing. I don't want anyone coming after me for posting pictures of them or their babes!

Well, nothing really, except the sense of accomplishment you'll get from having done it and my warm and fuzzy feelings toward you for adding to the lovely photo collection.
Hey, if you get ALL of them, I'll totally make a big deal about you on the FB page, though. That's something, huh? Oh, whatever, just do it for the fun...

You're hunting for:
- breastfeeding in public
- babywearing
- toddlerwearing
- babe rear-facing beyond a year old
- tandem breastfeeding
- breastfeeding via SNS
- babe drinking donor milk
- me
- the stickers on the back of my car
- babe being fed by wet nurse
- hearing babe using sign language
- a homebirth
- babe climbing a tree
- babe on a tire swing
- babe playing in the grass with a puppy or kitten
- babe in the pool
- babe at the beach or lake
- two babes holding hands
- babe and parent holding hands while walking
- two babes kissing
- babe and parent kissing
- two babes hugging
- babe and parent hugging
- babe flying a kite
- babe in sunglasses
- babe wearing sunglasses at night
- babe flashing a peace sign
- breastfeeding while wearing babe
- toddler breastfeeding
- preschooler breastfeeding
*Bonus if you let your babe(s) take the photos!

Have fun with it! Enjoy your summer!

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