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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

New Ventures

Zen Parenting may have left Facebook, but there's WAY more to life than one discriminatory social media site. We're growing like crazy on Twitter, are getting a great start on Google+, have quite the following on Pinterest, and now we're bringing to you two more avenues for getting your Zen on.

Zen Parenting Daily Digest
Zen Parenting Shop

Zen Parenting Daily Digest will be posted every evening on Twitter. You can also subscribe, so make sure you click that option. There will be a compilation of all things I post along with postings from trusted sources that I follow.

Zen Parenting Shop is all your gear needs for body, babe, home, office, even pet and holiday! There's something for everybody. What's best is that as I started designing everything, I began to really notice how universal our logo really is - how it's not a Zen Parenting-specific look. Everything is simple, clean, and applicable to everyone without feeling like you're a walking advertisement (which I personally dislike, so I figure others do, too).

Check them both out, won't you? I think you'll really be happy. I am!

P.S. Hey, as long as we're subscribing, don't forget to subscribe to this here spiffy blog. Do so in the right-hand column from a computer.

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