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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

It's Better That I Was Raped While Drugged, So I Don't Remember It

I was raped by a husband-wife couple. I was raped while under the influence of drugs they slipped me.

I'm glad it was done that way, though. It's better that it was done when I was too drugged to remember it. I wouldn't want it to be done now that I'm sober. It doesn't affect me at all. I'm not traumatized in any way. I'm not a victim. If I had to choose a way to be raped, I'd choose this way. I'm glad that couple chose to do it to me then, making the choice for me that I wasn't able to make. I can't remember a thing and anyone who says that makes me a victim of some horrible act is just a whiner looking for something to cry about. There are bigger issues...

[Note: This is all crap. Well, not the rape. That happened. You can read about it here. The rest, though, is the same asinine logic used by the pro-circumcision and circumcision apologist camp. If you caught that right away, you get a gold star. If you're still pro-cut, re-read, rethink, repeat as necessary.]


  1. I basically just had this conversation, and possibly saved a future babe <333 even still its hard not to stand by this when it comes to me. Its hard to believe that I, WE, deserve more.

  2. i just had a chat with a jewish friend about the possibility of bris shalom, and she'd never heard of it. she's quite excited about it now, though---i just hope she can find a rabbi to do that version where we live. and not be talked out of it by relatives, of course.

    a-propos the topic, it's amazing how many people have their first son circumcised, then don't want to do that to a second son yet end up doing so because "they don't want to treat him differently"...

    1. I was just thinking last night about all the reasons people cut and wondering what were the ridiculous ones and which held weight. They all came out on the ridiculous side.