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Monday, October 21, 2013

Zen Son's 3rd Birthday Party

(Update: Napkins.com awarded me their "Best Decorations" award for August 2014. I am so honored!)

What Zen Husband and I had planned: a trip to the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta

What Zen Son said he wanted: "books"

Books it was, then!

I set off to research ideas for a children's book party. While I was perusing Pinterest, my son caught sight of a Mr. Bump and Little Miss Giggles cake and was immediately smitten. Mr. Bump is his favorite of the Mr. Men/Little Miss books. Everything else fell into place from there.

Cake (hot chocolate flavor with marshmallow filling - Zen Son's choice) - Pixy Cakes - $70 (including tax)

Custom Mr. Bump Pinata - You Buy It You Break It on Etsy - $58 (including shipping)

All decor and finishing touches (chosen by Zen Son) - Target

Guest List - only those requested by Zen Son
- his Mammy and Papa
- his godmother and her girlfriend
- his favorite (great-)aunt and great-grandma
- his three cousins were invited, but were unable to attend

Time Capsule - Michael's - $5 (not including cost of paint - color chosen by Zen Son)

Mr. Men and Little Miss inspired food
- "bookworms" (gummy worms)
- NYPD Pizza with happy face pepperoni (Mr. Happy)
- Laffy Taffy (Little Miss Giggles)
- white Airheads cut into bandage strips (Mr. Bump)
- 100 Grand minis (Mr. Greedy)
- Nutella tea sandwiches (Little Miss Neat)
- Sun Chips (Little Miss Sunshine)
- animal crackers (Mr. Funny who cheers up all the zoo animals)
- licorice ropes (Mr. Brave who walks the tightrope)
- Crunch Crisp minis (Mr. Noisy)

Bunting - handmade by me from old books he no longer read and ribbon

Badass pirate/bibliophile/Karate Kid - all him.

All in all, it was a fantastic day for him (and the rest of us, too!). He had fun, he was with those he loves most and who love him right back - it was truly his day, just as it should be.

Here's to another amazing year, baby. Mama loves your guts out!


  1. Oh Amy,

    He had a sweet little party. I love the round balloons you have hung up. He's a little cutie! I can't wait to see what he plans for his 4th birthday party.

  2. Replies
    1. I just asked him. His response was an emphatic "uhn uh!" Sorry, Aunt Carly! ;)

  3. such a great party. it looks so relaxing and low key, just like a kid's birthday should be. the decorations are beautiful!

    1. It was just as he wanted it to be, which made it perfect. Thanks, kitten! :)