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Sunday, February 23, 2014

30 Things Series #5: 5 Things That Make Me Happy

As part of my 30 Things My Son Should Know About Me series, I give you the five things that make me most happy right now.

Gah! I hate narrowing things down to these little numbers. I always feel like I'm going to leave something important out. All right...here goes nothin'.

1. You. You are my happy now, for the past three years, and for the rest of time. I always knew you would be, but I never had any idea to what extent.

2. The weather. Winter in Arizona ROCKS. Summer blows. You know what I mean. You live here. Unfortunately, summer is a'comin' and it'll be here WAY too fast. I'm sorry.

3. All your ideas. Let's see, we have:

- Me: Honey, your options are to brush your teeth yourself or I can do it for you.
You: Mama, I understand what you're saying, but I choose no option.

- "I don't have boobs. These are my pectorlals."

- "Let's draw Dada. You better put his hearing aids on him so he can listen to me."

- "That freaks my cheeks out!"

- "Dada, there's no tooting in the house!"

- You must've had genitalia on the brain, because as your dad gave you a drink, you immediately said, "Penis!" instead of "Thank you."

- Recently, after the dog licked you, you complained that she left "Caboodle sauce" on you.

- To your dad while helping make dinner, "I'm the coolest kid ever. I don't need your help, bro."

- "Aaaah, Mama, you're messing up my coffee-nation!" (I had to really think before coming up with 'concentration.')

- "I HATE Dada at school! Not literally. I don't mean I hate Dada. I hate Dada working at school." Dude, you're three. Who uses "literally" appropriately at three??!

4. This project. I'm truly enjoying writing all this for you. I hope, someday, you'll enjoy reading it.

5. Who I'm becoming. As I grow, I am liking more and more who I am becoming. I wish this for you, above all else.

Bonus: This clip. It is comedy. I may have peed a little watching it.


  1. this series is inspiring me to do the same for my boy. I love your blog. keep those blog posts coming, Amy!