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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Tail Docking, Ear Cropping, and Circumcision - A Comparison

What is ...?

"... is the intentional removal of a portion of a ...."

"One method involves putting a ligature around the ..., which cuts off the blood supply and causes the ... to fall off in a matter of days. This is the method used by many ...

The other method is amputation with either surgical scissors or a scalpel."

"... is generally done on two- to 10-day-old ..., without anesthesia. The cut goes through skin [and] nerve endings."

Arguments FOR...

"Today, arguments in favor of ... generally fall into two categories:

To prevent injury and infection ...
To maintain ... standards"

"Proponents believe very young ... do not feel pain during .... They believe ... are less developed than other ... at birth, with less sensitive nervous systems."

"Proponents also cite hygiene problems in ... as a reason for ..."

"The argument for ... is a reduction in ... infections..."

"Mislabeling these procedures as 'cosmetic' is a severe mischaracterization that connotes a lack of respect and knowledge of history..."

"..., as prescribed in certain ... standards, are acceptable practices integral to defining and preserving ... character, enhancing good health, and preventing injuries..."

Arguments AGAINST...

"The practice of ... has come under much closer scrutiny in the U.S. recently. We’re late to the game, as these procedures have been restricted or banned entirely in many European countries for years."

"Opponents question the necessity for these cosmetic alterations and voice concern for the pain and suffering of the ... that undergo the procedures."

"A ... have lots of nerve endings, and the pain this surgery would cause without anesthesia is extreme."

"... involves the surgical removal of around two-thirds of the .... Pain medication is not routinely given after a ..."

"... can also disfigure the ..., leaving them scarred."

"... for cosmetic reasons is neither medically advisable nor beneficial to ..."

"Just as there is a use and purpose for every organ and appendage you were born with, so it is with your ..."

"If ... weren’t important to ..., they would have been born without them."

"There is also a risk of formation of painful neuroma (nerve tissue scarring) in the stump of a ..."

"... for cosmetic reasons are not medically indicated nor of benefit to the patient. These procedures cause pain and distress, and, as with all surgical procedures, are accompanied by inherent risks of anesthesia, blood loss and infection..."

So, which one is which? Trick question. They all, every one of them, refer to ALL THREE procedures. These quotes are from an article on tail docking and ear cropping (linked below), BUT you'll find ALL the same numbers and arguments regarding circumcision of infants (also linked below). Yes, really.

I'd say that by circumcising your son, you're treating him no better than a common animal, but there's nothing OK about treating animals this way either. Stop it. Not your body (human or otherwise), not your choice.

Now, go the step further. Don't just "like" this article in your news or Twitter feed. Don't just comment anonymously on the blog. Share. Share with everyone you know. They don't have to be pet owners or pregnant women. Share in the hopes that they'll share and they'll share and and and... Share to do your part to change the world and protect those who cannot protect themselves.

Several articles on infant circumcision can be found here.

Full article on ear cropping and tail docking can be found here.


  1. i've thought this for years...same shit, different creatures.

    1. Horrifying no matter how you cut it (pun intended).