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Monday, August 18, 2014

The R-Word and All Its Variations - Stop It

Retard, retarded, tard, libtard, femtard, gotard, meatard, douchetard, fucktard, climatard, celebutard, and more I'm sure you could add, because we've all heard them.

Let's go further and add the words that mean the same as those above: window licker, helmet wearer, short bus, sped, spaz, molasses, and another endless list that pains me to consider.

Stop saying these words. All of them. Have the compassion that mother nature gave a stone and stop it.

Question others when they say these words. Get uncomfortable. Stand up for those who cannot stand up for themselves. It's worth it. They're worth it.

Why? Well, I know from my countless personal experiences of going round and round with friends, family, and strangers who have repeatedly said these that I'm not the right one to answer this question. I'm clearly not taken seriously. I'm simply the oversensitive, too PC, hippie freak who has to get worked up about something. I'll let these folks tell you why instead.

Let's make the new R-word one we can all use and about which we can all feel good: RESPECT.

Now, go a step even beyond this. I call on you to get involved with Best Buddies International. School aged, adult, in the workforce, online only - whatever your circumstances, YOU can get involved.

If you can rationalize STILL using these words or any like it after seeing all of this, following these links, then best of luck with the karma coming your way. I can't see how that could be the case, though. Don't let me down. Pledge with me to spread the word to end the word. Click HERE to learn more.

Stop. Question others. Share widely.

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