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Thursday, November 6, 2014

Circumcision in Seven Sentences

Don't do it.

It's not your body, so it's not your choice.

Consider the source. Are those telling you it needs to be done truly educated (can they name all the functions of the foreskin?), do they stand to make money from you doing it, or are they culturally conditioned to believe it is a must?

91% of the world's men are intact and live a life without penile incident (unless self-inflicted, which is another Oprah), but medical professionals in the U.S. swear that there is a slew of elderly men whose penises become gnarled and excruciating, which should leave us to question and fight to improve medical training, not jump to the extreme conclusion that we should all cut off 1/3 of every newborn's penis.

Statistically, chances are higher of him dying OF a circumcision than ever NEEDING a circumcision.

If you need more reasons, click HERE for a list of resources.


  1. I have 7 kids ranging from age 16 to age 4. Each time I was pregnant (well, my first 4 pregnancies since 2 were twin pregnancies), my husband and I butted heads nonstop about circumcision. I was against, he was for. Each time, we had girls (yes, 6 girls). During my last pregnancy, we began with the same disagreement. The night before our 20 week anatomy scan, he relented and said that we would not circumcise should it be a boy. Well, it was a boy and he is still intact at almost 5 years old. In fact, my first words to the NICU nurse was that we were 100% against it and if I found that my son was missing any part of his body, I would not be a happy mama.


  2. Amy, I should have known you would be an intactivist!!!
    My boys were born perfect and left intact!!

  3. Don't Muslims generally circumcise male babies?