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Friday, February 13, 2015

50 Shades of F*ck You

Nothing like waking up to a bunch of people blatantly ignoring the needs of a pregnant mother escaping her abusive husband in order to debate the merits of some stupid books and movie to get my fur up.

Get this: I don't care whether or not you see that movie. I don't care whether or not you choose ignorance as to the reality of abusive relationships vs. healthy relationships in this one case. I have bigger fish to fry. Right now, I care about helping this mama save herself. And she is. She's doing exactly what everyone keeps accusing other victims of not doing (and shut up about that, while you're all at it, because your privilege and lack of compassion are abundantly clear whenever you open your mouths with your "Why doesn't she just leave?" bullshit). Oh, but it's not about her doing what you want her to do, because when she does, you still find a reason not to help (and by help, I don't mean by financial means only, because we're not all in a position to do so, but we can all surely share and encourage others) by turning it into a debate about your new favorite movie. I get it now. It's clearly about doing whatever you need to do to shield yourself from the needs of others, from what you can actually do for others, from the ugliness of reality and how you can actually take some of the burden from those suffering like you say you would do if only the circumstances were just right. It's about giving lip service to all the ways you care, but running hightail and hiding behind whatever reason you can swiftly scrape together when the rubber meets the road and it comes time to show that care. It's about throwing out red herrings left and right to distract others from the issue at hand and your lack of concern for it. It's clearly all about you.

My friend Tracy at Evolutionary Parenting did a good thing for a friend. This friend is pregnant with her second and is trying to get herself and her children to a safe place far away from her abusive husband, is trying to divorce the unsafe he-person, is trying to have the birth of her choice someplace where she and hers can be free from harm. Tracy took time out of her day to share an emergency fundraiser for her in a prime time slot on her Facebook page. She implored her tens of thousands of fans to help. She used her position for tremendous good. I am terribly grateful to her and the fans who perhaps donated and shared silently. I don't know who those are (though, I'm sure there were plenty), because the entire thread was hijacked by fools who care more about defending the books and movie to which her situation was rightfully compared than they do about attending to the matter at hand.

For those who care more about helping this mama in need, you can access her YouCaring fundraiser by clicking HERE. Give (if or what you are able), share publicly and everywhere with #50DollarsNot50Shades, and encourage everyone you know to do the same. And know that I and this mama are thanking you for caring.

It's easy to talk. It's easy to ignore. It's easy to look the other way. I'm not asking you to do what's easy, I'm asking you to do what's right. Do what's right, not what's easy.

Thank you.


  1. I'm so glad I have no clue what you are talking about because I'm not even aware of the controversy and what 50 Shades even is! LOL

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