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Saturday, February 7, 2015

It's Just Stuff

Yesterday, as we do regularly, my son and I cleaned his room. You know the drill:

  • clean,
  • mess,
  • more mess,
  • so much mess that it's hard for an adult to walk,
  • so much mess that it's hard for a child to walk,
  • so much mess that the child cannot walk without tripping,
  • repeat.

This morning, he and his Dada were in his room while I was working in the living room and simultaneously enjoying the sounds of their glee. My son then ran out to me and this little interaction took place:

Him: Mama, I kind of messed up my room. Is that OK?
Me: Are you having fun?
Him: Ya.
Me: Then it's OK.
Him: And when it's super-messy, is that OK?
Me: We'll clean it again. It's OK.
Him: Sanks.

And he ran back to play further.

It's just stuff.

Folks, it's just stuff. Relax, enjoy, rinse, and repeat.

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