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Friday, February 6, 2015

Vaccines: Informed Consent

Guest post by Corissa Baur Howington of Gender Neutral Parenting

Sadly, I've seen some people in my news feed posting articles and information on how immunizations should be law. Really?

I've stayed out of the vax debate thus far because I am a middle of the road person on this subject. But really? I mean for real, you are going to say it needs to be MANDATORY, as in you could go to jail if you don't?

Let's put this into perspective for a minute, what if other medical decisions were mandatory. You don't want to do chemo for your cancer treatment? Don't want an abortion of your down syndrome "fetus"? Jail. You don't want to take cold medicine? Jail. It is a medical decision. Mandatory is ridiculous. So is outlawing vaccines (on the other side of the debate).

How about this, do your f*cking research on vaccines. On each one. Decide if the possibility of disease/complications is worse or the possibility of vaccine reactions/complications for your own family and situation. And I mean the ACTUAL possibility. NOT fear mongering from either side.

If you actually do research on measles (the current hot button issue) you would learn that measles paired with other medical conditions or malnutrition can be deadly. But without this pairing, is hardly worth mention. A rash and a few sick days. So you have to weigh those pros and cons for your situation.

And if you do vax or you don't, stop trying to force everyone else to make the same freaking decision as you. Educate? Yes. Inform? Yes. But guess what? Those things can actually be done without bias or trying to force people into your idea of right and wrong. Encourage people to educate themselves about medical decisions and medical rights. Then have faith that they will make the right decisions for them and their family, just like all the other medical decisions they make. Blindly following recommendations, be it doctor, CDC, pastor, life coach, or what have you, is just plain blindness and ignorance. Always question. Always research. Then make the choice for you. INFORMED consent people.

Oh and if you chose vaccination, stop worrying about the freaking unvaxed passing it on. If you believe you are protected, why freaking worry??? Besides, and again this is if you do the research not believe fear mongering news, outbreaks of these diseases USUALLY start from a shedding vaccinated person! This means the immune compromised and those who cannot be vaccinated, even if they wanted to, are most likely to catch a serious illness from a vaccinated person. That is why people are warned against recently vaccinated individuals!

My name is Corissa. I am a parent, a hippie, and in constant pursuit of education. I believe in the power of unschooling my children and myself as well as the power of our minds. I am also the founder and admin of the Gender Neutral Parenting Facebook page and in pursuit of becoming a gender, sex, and sexuality minorities counselor for children and teens.


  1. nice to hear a voice of reason in the avalanche of muck-slinging and misinformation that has been going on lately!