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Monday, February 9, 2015

You Can't Please Everyone

Yesterday, I spent a few minutes talking to a Facebook friend about her heartache over causing anyone stress or pain when all she really wants to do is post things that bring peace and happiness. It's a noble desire, but rather impossible to bring to fruition.

Personal examples:

Within the span of a few months, my step-sister unfriended me on Facebook for being "too negative" and my cousin unfriended me for being "too positive." Truth. I listened for a good 90 minutes to my step-sister wax on about what I should be posting, what I should be saying, and what I should be keeping to myself, that unless and until I could do that, she simply refused to be my friend. I read for paragraph after paragraph my cousin hurling insults and accusations, telling me she laughs at people like me, and expressing her general disgust with my constant happiness. Unfriended, blocked, and now won't even take part of group presents for our grandma if I'm the one who comes up with the idea.

I was once unfriended because I took a class on vaccines at my midwife's office. My friend said, "Just vaccinate for everything." I responded, "That's certainly one option." Boom. Done.

I remember a day, when Zen Parenting was still on Facebook, when my entire fan base seemed to be having one collectively pissy day. I logged off for several hours and when I returned, I tested the waters to see if the mood had improved by saying, "I like walks on the beach, warm hugs, and puppies." You guessed it, I got comments about how overrated puppies are, that cats are better, and questioning my loyalty to my cats. Seriously.

So, friends, do you. Decide who it makes you happy to be and be that person. If and when that changes, change. Do it for you, because living for others won't make you happy and, as much as you may try, won't make them happy either. Just do you.

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