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Saturday, March 21, 2015

I Am Not Wonder Woman

I hate, hate, hate being referred to as Wonder Woman, Superwoman, or any other heroic character. I am not heroic. I cannot do it all. I will not be everything to everyone, for everyone, at all times, eschewing my human limitations in favor of killing myself for everyone other than myself.

It's all rather popular of late to tell a friend she's Wonder Woman, to tell your partner she's Superwoman, to tag friends on some meme that says because they're moms they're also some sort of super heroine. I get the sentiment. You're being nice. You're giving compliments. It's lovely really. But I'm not. I'm not and I don't want to be.

I'm a regular person. I can accomplish most things to which I set my mind, but not everything everyone wants me to do or be. I draw the line at expecting me to be the embodiment of all things mom, woman, wife, and friend. You're free to still expect it, but you're bound to be gravely disappointed and I could've saved you the heartache if you had just listed when I said...again...that I am not Wonder Woman. You'll be the one to be let down, not me. I already know who I am and who I am not and I am completely comfortable and happy with that person - a hard-working, boundary-drawing, overly-critical, prone-to-judgement, fallible, direct, no-nonsense, fun-loving, intelligent, hilarious, ridiculously stubborn, hard-charging, deeply caring human. That's me. Nothing more, nothing less. I am not your superhero.

I am not your superhero.

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