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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Review: Maple Holistics Conditioner and Lip Balm

You know one of my biggest principles on this blog and in my life is honesty, so I'll be no less than brutally honest about these products from Maple Holistics.

Let me start with the Argan Oil Conditioner.  Overall, I'd rate it a 7 out of 10.  There are so many factors outside of the control of Maple Holistics, though, that go into this rating.  My hair is uber-thick, curly, and dry.  There are two conditioners I've ever truly loved and I have tried a LOT in my quest to tame my mane.  Given my hair, I need conditioner that forms "stiff peaks" when squeezed into my hand.  This conditioner formed "soft peaks," which puts it leaps and bounds above the other "raw egg, no peaks" brands I've had the misfortune of trying.  I truly believe that without hair like mine, hair that has led to the nickname "Mu" (short for Mufasa) being bestowed upon me, you'll enjoy the product.  So, bad news: not so perfect for my hair.  Good news: totally worth a shot for yours.

Now, the lip balm is a whole other Oprah.  This stuff makes me want to buy stock in the company.  It makes me want to slather over my whole body and run through the rain naked while clicking my heels.  From the moment I tried it, I was in love.  It has the perfect glide-stick ratio.  It's not too glossy, not too waxy.  And the scent is heavenly.  It's lasting power is perfection and it doesn't make for icky kisses, which brings me to my next point.  My 4-year-old son has also fallen in love.  "Mama, you like to share with me" is what he says right before he's about to steal it.  I accidentally made the mistake of letting my mom try it and she almost confiscated, too.  We all need the Acai Berry Natural Lip Balm.  All of us!  NEEEEED!  I thought I lost it on vacation last week and I almost wept.  I almost don't want to write about it, because I fear that I'll try to order some and it'll be sold out.  (That's giving my blog a WHOLE lot of undue credit for readership, though, so I think I'll be safe.)  Get this.  Seriously.  Get it.  You're welcome.

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