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Friday, April 29, 2016

Motivation Kickstarter Day 6: Five Ways to Win My Heart

As part of my quest to find my motivation, I've accepted the 30 Day Writing Challenge.  Each post will be added to the main post HERE.

Five Ways to Win My Heart

1. Win my son's heart.  If my son loves you, I love you.  He's not an easy sell, so you have to be pretty neat to worm your way into his heart, but if you can make it, you've successfully wormed your way into mine, as well.  Conversely, though, if you hurt my son, you're done for with me.  

2. Give me space.  Neediness is a turn-off for me in all relationships.  This wasn't always the case.  In fact, I think I was the needy one in my early 20s, a time of great insecurity for me.  Now, though, I am at a point in my life where I know me, I like me, I enjoy me - that includes enjoying time with myself.  I recently had a friend who just would not let go.  It ruined us.  I kept telling her I needed space, she kept telling me that if I was a good friend, I would give her all of my time and energy, because that's what she needed.  It's OK to have your own needs and it's OK for me to have mine.  When those needs don't mesh, we can't have a relationship.  That's OK, too.  For me, space is key.

3. Consistently read my blog.  Recent lack of motivation aside, I put a lot of time, effort, and thought, a lot of myself into my blog.  If you want to know me, my blog is a good place to start, especially since I am far more open there than I am elsewhere.  So, to take the time to read it feels, to me, that you're taking the time to get to know me, which feels good.  It tells me you care about more than my more surface-level Facebook statuses, that you care about my heart and what makes me tick.  

4. Support my endeavors.  I opened a small business quite recently and am pleased with how it is coming along.  However, when I see my family sharing every cousin's school or sport team fundraiser but not even giving my page a simple like, it hurts my feelings, especially since I started this business out of necessity after my husband lost his job.  One needn't be a Harry Potter fan to support Potter Alma Mater, just an Amy fan to support me.  Like my blog, my business is a part of me.  Same goes for my book.  I have exactly one family member who actively supports my book.  I come from a very large family.  You do the math.  

5. Notice and appreciate the little, unique things.  I once had a boyfriend compliment my symmetry.  Another once giggled and commented on my cuteness when I purse my lips as I rock out to my jams.  One thought I was badass for the way I handled a screaming woman while on a call during my days in the Sheriff's Department.  These are the things that make me swoon.  I don't care for "you look nice" or other such vagueness and generalities.  I don't even care much for compliments on looks at all really.  Pay attention to the little things that make me me, though, and you'll have my heart forever.  My son is excellent at doing this.  It's just one of the infinite number of things I adore about him. 

(Potter Alma Mater: maker of fine Hogwarts gear can be found on Etsy and Facebook.)

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